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Needs Assessment

Align Your Technology with Your Nonprofit's Strategic Focus

A smart approach to transformation always starts with a clear understanding of where you stand today and where you want to go. Our advisory consultants apply decades of firsthand experience working for nonprofits to deliver an unbiased perspective on what actions to take and when to take them.

Expert Analysis Helps You Imagine New Possibilities

Staying with the status quo seems like the path of least resistance—until your technology and operational processes start impeding your success. We work with you to truly understand your organization and its challenges, getting to the root cause of your issues to determine what steps to take for immediate and long-term success. Overcome the frustration and fear surrounding change by partnering with proven experts who will help you maximize today’s most effective nonprofit technology solutions.

Change Readiness Assessment

Making a big change requires organizational stability, a dedication to improving business processes, and a firm time commitment from staff. Our seasoned experts evaluate the less tangible aspects of a successful transformation, including staffing, employee skillsets, organizational structure, reactions to change, and your company’s internal political climate. This insight helps you establish a firm foundation from the start.

Fit Gap Analysis

If your system is failing to meet your needs or live up to your expectations, we can help. Let our nonprofit technology services experts explore every element of your current solution and provide unbiased analysis and evidence that supports your best course of action.

It’s time to make the technical more personal.

Turn your technology investment into a powerful advantage. Our nonprofit consulting experts are here to show you how.