Jennifer Sowinski Nemeth

Senior Consultant & Analyst

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Jennifer Sowinski Nemeth

Jennifer Sowinski Nemeth

Senior Consultant & Analyst

As Senior Consultant & Analyst for JCA Arts Marketing, Jennifer Sowinski Nemeth provides data-driven consulting to arts and culture clients across North America. She is passionate about helping organizations leverage their data to maximize revenue, grow attendance, and increase patron loyalty. Projects that Jennifer works on include pricing studies, venue re-scaling, membership optimization, customer behavior analyses, and segmentation projects. Jennifer has worked with a diverse set of clients including the Minnesota Orchestra, Ballet Arizona, Cincinnati Opera, National Museum of Women in the Arts, La Mirada Theatre Company, and Stratford Festival, among many others.

Before joining JCA, Jennifer most recently worked for Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington, DC, where she focused on innovative ticketing, pricing, and audience development strategies. Jennifer has earned an MA in Arts Management from George Mason University, and a BS in Chemistry and Theater from the University of Notre Dame.


Where do you work? Where are you from?

I live in Alexandria, VA, and I work from home—which I love! I’ve been in the DC area full time since 2012, but before that I was pretty nomadic, living in six different states in about two years. I grew up in Wisconsin, in a wonderful small town right on the shores of Like Michigan, where a lot of my family still lives.

What do you do at JCA?

My primary role is consulting with arts and culture clients around pricing and audience segmentation. I really enjoy working on data analysis projects like pricing studies and customer behavior analyses—I love digging in to all of that transactional data and finding ways that our clients can improve their strategies! I also help clients optimize their use of CRM and analytics tools through retainer relationships and training. I specialize in Tessitura and Tessitura Analytics, as well JCA’s own software products: the RMA and the Segmentation Engine.

What do you do outside of JCA?

When it’s nice out, I like to go hiking and backpacking, especially in nearby Shenandoah National Park. I also enjoy rock climbing a few times a week, but I do that indoors more often than outdoors! When I’m more inclined to stay inside, I like playing strategy board games, reading, and doing needlepoint.

What is your background? What brought you to JCA?
My undergraduate degree is in Chemistry, so I definitely have a strong science/analytical part of my brain. The path that led me to JCA was rather winding, but immediately before coming to JCA I was doing two things: working as the Associate Director of Audience Services at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, and pursuing my Master’s Degree in Arts Management. The combination of those two pursuits helped me realize that the thing I love doing most is taking complex data and distilling it down into manageable, actionable pieces. So when this position at JCA came along, it felt like the perfect fit!

What is one of your favorite stories of/with a JCA client?

It’s really great when I have the opportunity to build a relationship with a client long-term and see the results of the work we do together. There are several organizations I’ve been working with for many years, and together we’ve interrogated their data to make changes, then implemented those changes. When that ultimately results in meeting their goals of increased revenue, better house fill, or more efficient marketing, that’s the most gratifying part of my job!

To learn more about how Jennifer and her team make a difference at nonprofits, read about our arts marketing services.

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