Ask Me Anything: Managing Organizational Calendars

May 06, 2019

We have so many calendars in our organization—between production calendars, event calendars, communications calendars, it’s difficult to keep track of them all! Do you have any suggestions?


We absolutely recommend managing all of your calendars in one centralized place, so you don’t end up with communication breakdowns or silos of knowledge in the organization. To accomplish that, we recommend ArtifaxEvent. ArtifaxEvent is successful for organizations who manage venues and events because it is, at its core, a calendar of record to hold information about:

  • What is happening.
  • When it is happening.
  • Where it is happening.

There needs to be a single point of reference for all events, and the mantra of “if it’s not in Artifax then it’s not happening” is a popular phrase amongst our clients. The benefits of this are obvious—everyone knows which spaces are in use (and from a facility rentals perspective—which spaces are not in use).

A successful implementation can replace various disparate departmental outlook calendars and spreadsheets with cross-departmental views of the same data.

Along with the calendar itself, the calendar data allows staff and customers to be kept informed throughout the life of the bookings, with regular updates including:

  • Bookings added recently.
  • Expiring holds.
  • Changes to dates, times, and locations.
  • Approval of booking requests.

ArtifaxEvent can also act as the hub of event-related information. You can export information from Artifax to ticketing systems, such as Spektrix and Tessitura, or hold links to event data in other systems such as Social Tables. Even when some aspects of the booking are managed in other systems, if it’s not in Artifax, it’s still not happening!

Learn more about ArtifaxEvent here, or email JCA’s Artifax team at

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