Ask Me Anything: Microzoning

July 25, 2017

Please share with us some innovative strategies other orgs are taking with their pricing that we may be able to implement here.


If we had to pick a single pricing strategy that we wish more organizations utilized, it would be¬†microzoning. It isn’t some radical philosophy or fundamental change in how you approach your pricing, but rather a matter of giving you a better toolbox.

Instead of defining “zone” as a section of your house with one price, create a zone that is comprised of multiple “microzones,” each with a different price. But what if the “zone,” as defined by a section of your house at one price, was actually made up of multiple “microzones”?

Let’s say your front orchestra is Zone 1, and you notice that front orchestra house left is selling way faster than house right. If the front orchestra is instead made up of Zone 1a, Zone 1b, and even Zone 1c (left, center, and right), then you have three times the options when making changes.

Admittedly, this strategy places a greater burden on your ticketing staff. But if you’ve got a team with the energy and the skills to handle microzoning, it is a must-have for any organization serious about dynamic pricing.

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