Webinar | Innovative Membership Models: Insights from Your Peers

In the face of declining subscription sales, performing arts companies across North America are looking for the loyalty model that will break the mold and entice the next generation of recurring audience members.

In this webinar, Jamie Alexander from JCA Arts Marketing is joined by trailblazers who’ve introduced innovative membership models at their organizations. We’ll discuss the membership models’ objectives, success metrics, implementation, and performance relative to traditional subscription models.

Featured speakers from national arts organizations include Rebecca Calkin from Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Greg Garcia from Zach Theatre, and Ceairy Free from Stratford Festival. Sophie Garzon-Lapierre from easy-connect also share a unique new membership model that has found success in Berlin, Germany.

Watch the panelists introduce their membership models in the clip below.  Download the full webinar today!




Jamie Alexander, JCA Arts Marketing
Rebecca Calkin, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
Greg Garcia, Zach Theatre
Ceairy Free, Stratford Festival
Sophie Garzon-Lapierre, easy-connect