Business Process
Business Process Automation

Improve Accuracy, Enhance Productivity, and Boost Your Team’s Morale

Your team is only as productive as the processes that support it. Are your internal workflows holding you back? There may be a better way. Our expert consultants can leverage the latest technology to save you time, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity.

Strengthen Your Organization with a New, Streamlined Solution

Business Process Automation (BPA) utilizes technology to automate repetitive tasks and workflows within your organization. We can help your team offload monotonous processes, save time, and alleviate stress to drive your mission forward.

Build a Powerful Connection Between Data Systems

By leveraging our prebuilt components, we can easily build integrations between two systems to help your team reduce complexity. With BPA, we create workflows that interact with your multiple business applications. Working similarly to Lego bricks, BPA allows us to build powerful, cross-system, automated workflows quickly and efficiently for you without great development or maintenance cost.

Eliminate Repetitive and Monotonous Work

With BPA, we can help you streamline complex business workflows such as connecting your ticketing system to ancillary systems, automating marketing flows, helping donor and membership fulfillment, and many more. With JCA’s automated workflows, the applications do the monotonous work, eliminating time-consuming tasks and human error.

It’s time to make the technical more personal.

Turn your technology investment into a powerful advantage. Our nonprofit consulting experts are here to show you how.