Webinar | Using Business Process Automation to Save Time and Money

Maximizing efficiency is critical for organizations to reduce expenses, keep staff morale high, and fulfill their missions effectively.

What if there was a better way? A way to off-load laborious processes and alleviate the hassle for your team, to focus on the great and inspiring work you were hired to do. To optimize operations, reduce costs, and focus on mission, many nonprofits are turning to Business Process Automation (BPA).

So what is BPA and how can your organization leverage it to achieve your goals? In this webinar, we discuss BPA and how it can help streamline your organization’s Tessitura data flows. Although this webinar focuses on Tessitura, it is still applicable to users of other environments. We cover example workflows like:

  • transferring ancillary purchases—such as parking or concessions—to external systems,
  • connecting Microsoft Teams to Tessitura,
  • syncing Microsoft Outlook to Tessitura Plans,
  • and a better way to handle staff comp purchases.

JCA team members James Walker, Gabe Mangiante, and Andrew Moreau, showcase some of JCA’s BPA solutions to common workflow pain points.

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