When is Interim Staffing right for your team?

March 15, 2023

How do you know when you need interim staffing support? There are many instances in which interim staffing could be the right fit for your marketing team. JCA Arts Marketing began offering interim staffing services in 2021, in response to numerous organizations asking for help to fill gaps in their teams. Here are some situations when interim staffing can help your team thrive!

1. When you have an open position

The most common reason to hire interim staffing is because there’s an open position on the team, but the work for that position needs to keep going. This can be because hiring can take a long time (as with Marketing Directors, our most common placement), or it might be because the organization doesn’t want to immediately hire a replacement (for example, if there are multiple positions open that will need to complement each other). In this case, hiring an interim staffer means that you have someone keeping the trains running or even creating a better environment for the permanent staffer to come in to. 

2. When you have a temporary project

Sometimes, you might have a temporary project that requires extra hands, and hiring an interim staffer means that you don’t have to add any responsibilities to an already overloaded team. This could look like a special project, a quick branding audit for a refresh, or something more fundamental, like updating the content of past pages on your website. Whether it’s a new endeavor or investing in completing some of those lingering “offseason projects that never seem to get completed, investment in single-time interim staffers can help move those projects forward. 

3. When you need a specific skill or knowledge set for a limited time

At other times, you might encounter a project with a startup cost that requires a particular skillset—one that doesn’t exist on your team and that will rarely be needed. A website redesign, for example, requires a lead with a project manager background and knowledge in websites, UX design, and search engine optimization. Instead of attempting to spread a project like this across multiple people, or spending money to train a permanent staffer new skills, an interim staffer can cover these intricate and expertise-drive projects. 

4. When you need to build in extra hands during busy periods

Lastly, you might consider something in between: mapping out when you know busy periods are coming and planning to staff extra help during those times. This might be something like a season build, which can require hundreds of pages to be built on your website or a season’s worth of marketing automations to be created. Or, you might have a holiday show each year that could use extra help with content creation. By hiring interim staffing, you can have a person dedicated to this temporary project without losing any momentum on other projects. 

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