Dynamic Audience Segments at Your Fingertips

The Segmentation Engine is the ideal software tool to easily and quickly generate audience, visitor, and donor segmentations—and keep them up-to-date. Created with Baker Richards, the Segmentation Engine works with your transactional data in Tessitura to produce dynamic audience segments for targeted communications.

Audience Segmentation Made Easy

Utilizing your customer data in Tessitura, the Segmentation Engine automatically creates sophisticated segments. Whether you are in marketing, ticketing, or development, you can use Segmentation Engine to send the right message to the right people at the right time.

Messages that Matter

Craft targeted communications to help you reduce your marketing spend and improve response rates.

Ready-Made, Dynamic Segments

Instantly create segments based on recency, frequency, and value that update nightly as behavior changes.

Tessitura Integration

The Segmentation Engine is integrated with Tessitura, so you can tag patrons’ accounts with their segments.

Patron Flow Analysis

Understand patron flow—from single-ticket buyer to subscriber and beyond—to target segments with opportunities for growth.

Repertoire Scoring

Score your repertoire to target patrons who are most likely to attend upcoming programming.

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