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COVID Recovery
Interim Staffing

Experts Who Can Dive Right In

As you work toward fully staffing your team following the COVID shutdown, we can help you stay on top of system and data management—and train new staff when you’re ready.

Keep Your Systems Running Smoothly

Our expert consultants provide you with interim support, so your systems and data stay in prime condition for critical decision-making as you prepare for reopening.

Tessitura Expertise

We deliver Tessitura system support for your ticketing, marketing, and development needs.

Dashboard Design

We partner to set up Tessitura Analytics, RMA, and Segmentation Engine dashboards to leverage your data for critical decision making.

Staff Training

We provide Tessitura, RMA, and Segmentation training to your staff.

Support When You Need It

We’ll work with you to deliver the support you need in the short-term, so you can thrive in the long-term. Our goal is to help steady the ship and equip you and your team to grow revenue in the future.

It’s time to make the technical more personal.

Turn your technology investment into a powerful advantage. Our nonprofit consulting experts are here to show you how.