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Put Your Patrons at the Heart of Your Strategy

Our segmentation consulting helps you focus your audience engagement strategies around what motivates your patrons.

Segmentation Strategy

In this collaborative engagement, we devise strategies to reach your marketing, fundraising, and audience engagement goals through targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right message. We do this through:

  • Discovery Categorizing your patrons according to their behaviors and motivations
  • Planning Identifying goals for each audience segment and tactics to reach them
  • Action Tagging your patrons’ accounts with their segments and activating plans

The results are effective and efficient marketing and fundraising campaigns to deepen audience engagement.

Segmentation Engine

The Segmentation Engine is the ideal software tool to easily and quickly create audience, visitor, and donor segmentations—and keep them up to date.

  • Create ready-made segments based on recency, frequency, and value
  • Update segments in real-time, as patron behavior changes
  • Understand patron flow from single-ticket buyer to donor and beyond
  • Find at-risk audience members and build plans to engage them
  • Categorize your performance to match patrons to upcoming programming

Custom Segmentation

Identify and target key prospects in your database for more effective connections. Starting with a database analysis and primary research, we determine the unique behaviors and motivations of your audience. We then create segments of people who display statistically similar behavior, define each segment, and identify opportunities within to move you toward your goals.

The result is a sophisticated and bespoke approach to segmentation that allows you to create targeted communication strategies optimized for the behavior and preferences of your audience.

It’s time to make the technical more personal.

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