RMA Feature Focus | 3 Reasons to Sign Up for the RMA Knowledgebase!

Andrew Moreau

Senior Consultant

Andrew has worked in ticketing and marketing operations for small to midsized performing arts organizations over the past thirteen years and is thrilled to work with JCA Arts Marketing clients on pricing and customer behavior initiatives.
June 21, 2023

This month, I wanted to highlight the RMA’s knowledgebase website, I encourage every RMA user to sign up with their organizational email address for access to helpful glossaries, instructions, and videos on how to maximize value from the RMA. I found this resource invaluable as I was learning the RMA. Here are three reasons, that I hope will convince you, to sign up today!

Measures Glossary:

This resource is a comprehensive listing of the measures used in the RMA with succinct definitions. For example, understanding terms such as Discount Drift, Current Base Price, Income Increase will go a long way in reading and interpreting RMA reports, and therefore better understanding your audience demand. Personally, this measures glossary has been invaluable to me, and I often will keep this open in my browser when using the RMA.

Forecasting Tutorial Videos:

Forecasting is a powerful tool in the RMA, allowing you to set weekly targets for your performances based on past comparators. These tutorial videos are great to review before diving into the functionality, and they are brief too!  Here are a couple of my favorite videos:

Maximize Value from Your Configurable Monitoring Dashboard

Aside from Sales Curves, I use the Configurable Monitoring Dashboard (CMD) the most with my clients. It is an essential report to use during your sales cycle, allowing you to monitor on both a high and detailed level. The Dashboard allows you to set alerts for when performances or zones hit certain thresholds. You can also dive deeper into additional reporting based on the performances in your Dashboard, such as zone reporting and the HotSeat Index.  Don’t miss out on all the CMD has to offer – check out the documentation today!

I hope I have convinced you to sign up. It is free for all of your users, and on the website you can even check out a list of other organizations who use the RMA if you want to compare notes. As always, we are happy to help if you run into issues using the RMA via email at, or if there are any questions you are unable to find answers to on our knowledgebase website.