Rock Star of the Quarter: JCA Arts Marketing

May 10, 2021


It is time to celebrate our latest JCA Rock Stars. For Q1 of 2021, we are recognizing the contributions of Jamie Alexander and Jennifer Sowinski—the JCA Arts Marketing team!

Simply put, our JCA Arts Marketing group has been stellar! When the pandemic began and our arts clients were reeling, they pivoted to provide timely, relevant content, including a newly created/executed Trends in Digital Audiences study that has gained wide visibility and enhanced our reputation as experts in the field. The study was so compelling that it was picked up by a number of media outlets, including Variety (yes, THAT Variety), American TheatreDC Metro Theater Arts, and INTIX, to name just a few.

Jamie and Jennifer have been consistently checking in on clients to see how they could help, and in the process, were able to maintain relationships despite the turbulent environment. Because of JCA Arts Marketing’s smart, responsive actions, we are now set up for success in 2021 and beyond.

And, did I mention they are just great to work with? The JCA Arts Marketing team has been working on some cross-departmental projects these past 15 COVID months. One of those projects is a needs analysis and system selection faith-based nonprofit. This nonprofit has an extremely complex business model and Jennifer has done a fantastic job in understanding their needs and translating them into requirements checklists and demo scripts.

Anne Hargaden, Manager of Professional Services, said: “A few months ago, we recruited Jennifer to assist with a system selection project. In fact, we pulled her into TWO system selection projects. Jennifer had never worked on a system selection project before, but she dove right in and she’s been a tremendous help. Writing RFPs and vendor demonstration scenarios, communicating with vendors….she has taken on everything and handled it all beautifully. I truly appreciate her willingness and her quickness at picking up new types of work.”

Congrats to Jamie and Jennifer on this well-deserved Q1 2021 JCA Rock Star award!