RMA Feature Focus: Incorporate RMA into your v16 planning

Andrew Moreau

Senior Consultant

Andrew has worked in ticketing and marketing operations for small to midsized performing arts organizations over the past thirteen years and is thrilled to work with JCA Arts Marketing clients on pricing and customer behavior initiatives.
December 11, 2023

As your organization prepares to upgrade to Tessitura v16, we’re taking this opportunity to make sure our users incorporate the RMA into their overall v16 upgrade plan. Here are a few simple steps that RMA users can take to ensure a seamless transition:

  • Tessitura Hosted Organizations (formerly known as being on RAMP): Tessitura will upgrade your RMA version along with the Tessitura application. We recommend checking in with them via your v16 upgrade support ticket to make sure this is in queue when they configure the rest of the upgrade.
  • Self-Hosted Organizations: Please encourage your IT team who is facilitating the upgrade to reach out to us for the latest RMA installers and instructions so that they have everything in place for when the upgrade occurs.
  • All RMA Organizations: For all RMA organizations, it is helpful for us here at JCA to know when you plan to upgrade to v16. This way, we can make sure our support team is ready to help out if needed. We’d love to hear your v16 plans! You can reach out to us, along with any support needs, at!

For those of you who are curious about what your current RMA version is, you can always check what version you are on, and also when the last data load occurred, by clicking on the ‘Settings’ icon in the bottom left corner of the RMA:

After going to your RMA Settings, you will see the section ‘About Your Revenue Management Application’ on the right side of the application. It should look similar to this:

The compatibility of RMA with Tessitura depends on the version.

v16 Upgrade Support from JCA

While we are on the topic of v16, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that JCA Arts Marketing offers support for the Tessitura upgrade to v16! We can help you feel prepared and confident for a successful transition with Upgrade Prep and Support.

I wish everyone a happy holiday season and successful upgrade to v16! We’d love to hear about your plans and learn more about what kind of support might be helpful for your organization.

Andrew J. Moreau
JCA Arts Marketing


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