Rock Star of the Quarter: JCA’s University of Arizona Dream Team

January 31, 2020

For Q4 2019, the JCA Rock Star award actually goes to not just one person, but a team of three stupendously stellar standouts. It is my pleasure to announce that the University of Arizona (UAF) dream team of Fiona Buttars, Liz Murray, and Sabra Aaron are the latest JCA Rock Stars!

This awesome team has done an amazing job navigating through a very large and complex implementation project. The project consisted of nine different swimlanes, which Fiona integrated into a master project plan. In 2019, JCA performed over 6,500 hours of work for UAF. In Q4, as the February go-live date grew closer, the workload was even more intense. Fiona led countless meetings to keep all of the swimlane owners on track. Liz and Sabra both demonstrated incredible attention to detail, working through business processes and solving complex puzzles related to mapping and integrations.

One of the most rewarding outcomes of this project has been seeing the team learn, grow, and work together. Fiona has another large, complex implementation project under her belt. Sabra and Liz demonstrated how they’ve learned BBCRM backwards and forwards with additional expertise in BBIS, PaperSave, Jira, and Confluence. And, they’ve continued to deepen their experience in integrating BBCRM with various general ledger configurations. They jumped right in with their can-do attitudes and never looked back. I couldn’t be more proud of this team, and I want to recognize their hard work and celebrate their imminent go-live.

Fiona, Liz and Sabra: you definitely rock!